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MISO stands for Council of Sport Clubs in Malmö. It was formed in 1974 and is entrusted with the task of representing sport- and athletics associations in Malmö.

MISO is a contact body for Malmö City’s Leisure Board and other boards, promoting the co-operation between sports and other non-profit associations.

In addition to directly sports-related issues, MISO is engaged in a number of areas such as integration, public health, crime prevention, social medicine, labour market, anti-racism and school-related issues.

Since 2000 MISO annually confers following prestigious awards:
“Pegasus of the Year” – for a sportsman who’s achievements has been a benefit to the city of Malmö
“Female Athlete of the Year” – a prize for a female with outstanding engagement in sports
“Promising Athlete Girl of the Year” – a prize for a girl under 18 YOA with outstanding engagement in sports.